First Appearance: Dumbing of Age 10 November 2010

Raidah is an IU sophomore and a minor character in Dumbing of Age. Like Sarah Clinton, she's currently studying law.

Raidah first met Sarah through Dana Swensson. Initially, the two were on good terms, with Raidah doing her best to coax the normally spiky Sarah into enjoying the company of others.

That changed after Dana's drug use spiraled out of control. Faced with rapidly dropping grades and the prospect of losing her scholarship, Sarah called Dana's father and had her withdrawn from school - a decision Raidah has never forgiven her for.

These days, Raidah is usually seen in the company of fellow Sarah non-fans Chan and Char, although her verbal attacks have simmered down a bit since Sarah punched her in the face.

Raidah is Muslim.