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Randal Wilcox is Danny Wilcox's father in Roomies! and Dumbing of Age.


Mr. Wilcox
Randal r.png
First Appearance: Roomies! 17 November 1997
Relatives: Sharon Wilcox (wife), Danny Wilcox (son), Randy Wilcox (son)

Prior to the beginning of Roomies!, Mr. and Mrs. Wilcox joined Richard Rosenthal on a Freshman Orientation tour of the Indiana University campus.

They later came down to visit their son after pathological snitch and do-gooder Mary Bradford informed them that Danny was still having problems getting over his ex-girlfriend, Sal. It was at this point that Joyce Brown crashed their dinner doing the worst Sal impression known to man (or cartoonist), convincing the Wilcoxes to send their son to therapy.

Mr. Wilcox was also at hand to bail his son out of jail after his drunk-driving arrest.


  • Though he isn't seen much in the strip, Mr. Wilcox has the distinction of being the original owner of long-running Walkyverse stalwart Ultra Car.
  • Danny's brother Randy Wilcox may be named after his father.

Dumbing of Age[]

Randal Wilcox
Randal doa.png
First Appearance: Dumbing of Age 16 July 2013
Relatives: Sharon Wilcox (wife), Danny Wilcox (son), Randy Wilcox (son)

Danny's parents came to visit him at IU during the Freshman Family Weekend. Things instantly got awkward when Danny confessed that Dorothy had dumped him on the very first day of university and he was now dating a masked vigilante another girl who totally isn't imaginary, swear to god.

Danny was bailed out by the arrival of Amber O'Malley, who offered to pose as his girlfriend for the day. The Wilcoxes were somewhat bemused by the fact that their son was basically dating a brunette version of Dorothy, but decided to roll with it all the same.