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Randy Wilcox
First Appearance: Roomies! 21 December 1998
Relatives: Randal Wilcox (father), Sharon Wilcox (mother), Danny Wilcox (brother)

Randy Wilcox is Danny's younger brother. Apparently, he's "a lot more into sports and Actual Dude Things than his nerdy older brother."


Randy made a brief appearance during Danny's second Christmas break. He apparently had an unexpected growth spurt at some point during Danny's sophomore year.


  • Randy may have been named for his father, Randal.
  • His character was based on David Willis's own younger brother.

Dumbing of Age[]

According to commentary on bringbackroomies.com, in David Willis's personal headcanon, Dumbiverse Randy is now Danny's older brother and is off fighting in Afghanistan or whatever other conflict America might be in - again, much like Willis's own brother. This was later mentioned in-canon during Freshman Family Weekend, as an attempt by Danny to change the subject after telling his parents that he and Dorothy had been broken up for some weeks now.