Riley DeSanto is a character in Shortpacked! and Dumbing of Age. In both continuities, she's the younger sister of Robin and Roz DeSanto.


Riley sp
First Appearance: Shortpacked! 6 December 2013
Relatives: Sonny (son), Robin DeSanto (sister), Roz DeSanto (sister), Leslie Bean (sister-in-law), Abby, Gabby, and Tabby DeSanto (nieces), Mrs. DeSanto (mom), Mr. DeSanto (dad), several unnamed siblings

Riley is the youngest DeSanto sister introduced to date, and appears to be in her early to mid-twenties. Paradoxically enough, she also seems to be the most mature of the three.

Like Roz, Riley hasn't had much contact with her oldest sister, who prefers to keep her family at arm's length as much as possible. However, the two of them have recently begun bonding over their mutual love of embarrassing Roz stories.

She has at least one child: her son, the creatively-named Sonny.


Dumbing of AgeEdit

Riley DeSanto
Riley doa
First Appearance: Dumbing of Age 18 September 2013
Relatives: Robin DeSanto (sister), Roz DeSanto (sister), several other unnamed siblings, Mr. DeSanto (father), Mrs. DeSanto (mother)

Riley is Roz's 12-year-old sister, and the only member of the DeSanto family who seems to understand basic manners and courtesy. She first appears in the Freshman Family Weekend arc, spending the weekend with her older sister.

Among DoA fans, she's best known for her love of chocolatey cereals and short-lived friendship with Dina.

Trivia Edit

  • She is very courteous to her "Animal Crossing" friends, or at least to Meringue.
  • Riley told her teacher that she wants to backpack across Europe when she turns 18.
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