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Ross MacIntyre is Becky MacIntyre's no-nonsense, super-fundamentalist father in Joyce and Walky! and Dumbing of Age.


Ross MacIntyre
First Appearance: Joyce and Walky! 8 November 2005 (Subscriber-only strip)
Children: Becky MacIntyre (daughter)

A supremely devout and extremely self-righteous Christian, Mr. MacIntyre doesn't believe in dancing (a form of demon possession), Christmas (too commercialized), or pre-marital hanky-panky. Since he's also Joyce and Walky's next-door neighbor, this has created more than a little bit of tension between the two households.

Mr. MacIntyre naturally disapproves of his daughter's friendship with Joyce. Then again, he probably thinks puppies and kittens are a Satanic plot, so eh.


  • Apparently has a 300-question survey to determine whether others follow the "right" kind of Christianity.
  • Mr. MacIntyre's first name was only revealed after his appearance in DoA.
  • Never seen below the chest during his Walkyverse appearances. As David Willis noted, "It's possible he's just tentacles down there."

Dumbing of Age[]

Ross MacIntyre
Mrmacintyre doa.png
First Appearance: Dumbing of Age 17 December 2014
Children: Becky MacIntyre (daughter)

Much like his Walkyverse counterpart, DoA's Ross MacIntyre is an unapologetic, disturbingly neckless Bible-thumper.

Spoiler warning!
Plot and/or ending details follow.


After Becky was caught making out with her roommate Kaitlin, her father had her pulled from Anderson University so her could "fix" her behavior. Becky wisely chose to make a run for it, heading straight for IU instead.

Ross later arrived at IU and started putting up 'Missing' posters for Becky. Ross encountered Dina who was more than a little put off by his generally aggressive and demanding demeanour. Picking up on several verbal clues of his basically malign intentions towards Becky (who, by this point, was beginning a relationship with her), Dina fooled Ross into thinking that she was going to take him to his daughter when, instead, she put him on a non-stop bus to Indianapolis.

With the assistance of Joyce and Sarah, Dina and Becky then had Ross's car towed away by Campus Security, hoping to further delay him and frustrate his intention to talk to students about whether they had seen Becky. He returned the following day and gave chase to Becky and Dina, armed with a firearm of some sort. After getting distracted by Dina, he forced Becky into his car after threatening to let the police kill him. He was subsequently defeated by Amazi-Girl, and then knocked out with a swift punch by a disillusioned Joyce.


  • He has also appeared in Fans!, fittingly, as a churchgoer disapproving of gay marriage. [1]