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Roz DeSanto is a character in both the Shortpacked! portion of the Walkyverse and in Dumbing of Age. In both versions she is the sister of Robin and Riley DeSanto, and is also VERY open about her sexual nature.


Roz is Robin's younger sister, and a self-proclaimed professional "camwhore". She originally lived in Chicago, but after her business attracted the wrong kind of attention, she moved in with her sister for protection.

She became tremendously interested in Jacob after meeting him, and eventually hooked up with him after he fell back into his sex addiction. The two stayed together even after Jacob recovered and got his job back, though Jacob worried that Roz was being an unhealthy influence on him.

Jacob's impending move to Chicago forced Roz to confront some of her own issues.


Dumbing of Age[]

Roz DeSanto
First Appearance: Dumbing of Age 3 March 2011
Roommate: Mary Bradford
Relatives: Robin DeSanto (sister), Riley DeSanto (sister), Mr. DeSanto (father), Mrs. DeSanto (mother), several unnamed siblings

Roz is a cheerleader for reproductive rights, both in the usual general sense and her specific desire to be able to film her exploits for the Internet as she pleases. Unsurprisingly, she’s a polarizing figure. Sure, this is a college campus, but it’s still friggin’ Indiana.


Roz started something of a firestorm on campus after filming and uploading a sex video of herself and Joe Rosenthal. Subsequently Dorothy Keener approached her to ask for an interview; Roz agreed, but only if Dorothy would attend an off-campus party with her.

The controversy around the video eventually reached Roz's sister, Robin, who was in the middle of a reelection campaign for her congressional seat. Roz was initially unrepentant, but changed her tune after Dean McHenry informed her that the University had serious issues with her using campus property for a porn shoot.


  • In her spare time, Roz acts as the campus safe-sex evangelist, dispensing free contraceptives.