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Ryan is a minor character and general sleazebag in both Roomies! and Dumbing of Age.


Ryan roomies.png
First Appearance: One Day, Part 2

Ryan was a gift from heaven. He completely understood Ruth, sharing what she believed in. Shattering every cynical bone in her body, Ryan took her virginity.

Of course, he was just using her, and quickly moved onto his next conquest.


  • Ryan wasn't part of the original Roomies! webcomic and only appeared in the "One Day" storyline, which was originally supposed to be published in the short-lived Roomies! comic book. Part 1 ran in Roomies! #5, but the comic book was cancelled before the publication of issue #6, leaving the story in limbo for three years. The second part was eventually finished and posted online.

Dumbing of Age[]

Ryan doa.png
First Appearance: Dumbing of Age 28 September 2011

Ryan is among the partygoers in the Strange Beerfellows arc, and is apparently a regular at Ron's parties.

Playing up the fact that he's a pastor's son, he attempts to seduce Joyce. When that fails, he attempts to slip her a date-rape drug and force himself on her - at which point he meets the business end of Sarah Clinton's baseball bat. He manages to escape when Amazi-Girl shows up, and hasn't been seen since, despite the efforts of said vigilante. A couple of months later at a rally for Congresswoman Robin DeSanto, he was seen once more by Amazi-Girl, stalling a fight between her and Sal.