SEMME HQ in its natural state: being attacked by alien forces.

SEMME HQ, formally known as the SEMME Complex, is the secret mountain stronghold housing the top-secret alien-fighting organization SEMME. If you wander to the west of Denver, you might find it.

Or you just might find a really nice Waffle House. Depends on what back roads you take.


The SEMME Complex housed SEMME's fleet of aircraft, as well as the occasionally sinister science labs managed by Professor Doc. From here, SEMME launched missions to locations across the globe.

Despite its secured location, the Complex frequently came under attack during the events of It's Walky!:

  • The Head Alien unleashed the newly-created Monkey Master on SEMME HQ in an effort to seize a Martian Spaceship from the organization.
  • Upon being resurrected after his untimely flattening in the Martian Embassy, HA again launched an attack on the Complex, supported by a fleet of Tarantuguns.
  • After their New York headquarters was compromised by Jason Chesterfield and Sal Walkerton, Dargon Chesterfield sent the JFO to SEMME HQ to eliminate all information about its existence. SEMME's agents were able to repel the Britjas, but at significant cost.
  • Having successfully shut down SEMME with carefully manufactured public outrage, JFO mounted another attack on the Complex, inflicting heavy casualties.

It can be assumed that the Complex was decommissioned after SEMME was disbanded.


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