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Sarah Louise Palin
First Appearance: Shortpacked! 1 September 2008
Affiliations: Axis of Something

Sarah Louise Palin, AKA "Caribou Barbie", is a half-term governor from Alaska and occasional Fox News pundit. She's best known for her folksy catchphrases, as well as being the Vice Presidential candidate in John McCain's failed 2008 presidential bid.


Palin first appeared in Shortpacked during the run-up to the 2008 Presidential Election. Robin DeSanto immediately took exception, accusing Palin of stealing her political schtick. The two eventually came to blows when Robin showed up at a McCain rally to tout Proposition 469, though the fight was stopped short by the arrival of Palin's kryptonite: reporters asking questions.

Palin later joined Sydney Yus's Axis of Something and participated in the kidnapping of Leslie Bean. After a pitched battle, Robin defeated her by physically jamming Faz's head up her ass, making him the envy of Fox News.

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