Normally, Shattered Glass Ravage is a fictional character from the Hasbro Transformers Collectors' Club's Transformers Timelines comic series by Fun Publications, but when the walls of reality break down due to excess diversity, strange things can happen...

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Shattered Glass Ravage
First Appearance: Shortpacked!, January 9, 2015
(as a canon non-fictional entity)
Affiliations: Shattered Glass Decepticons

A playful transforming robo-cat, Shattered Glass Ravage ended up at Shortpacked! through the hole in reality that later brought the Soggies to the Walkyverse. After asking Leslie for a back rub, Ravage ended up participating in the final battle between the SP! crew and the Soggies as seen in the final regular Shortpacked! strip.


  • Shattered Glass Ravage was created by David Willis as a Transformers fan-character, subsequently becoming canonized by Fun Publications, owner of the Transformers convention license, leading to Willis writing the Recordicons comic strip in the Hasbro Transformers Collectors' Club magazine. Ravage's appearances in the strip aren't authorized by Hasbro or Fun Publications in any way, meaning that Willis is writing fan-fiction for his own character.
  • Ravage had made previous non-canon appearances in Shortpacked! set in the Transformers universe, as well as previous mentions as a fictional character created by the Walkyverse version of Willis.

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