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First Appearance: Shortpacked! 3 September 2010
YOB: 2010
Owner: Leslie Bean

The Singularikitty is Leslie Bean's pet cat in Shortpacked!, purchased by Roz DeSanto in a shameless attempt to curry favor with her.


The Singularikitty was one of four mutant cats spawned by the unholy union of Something*Positive's Choo-Choo Bear and Sprinkles from Girls With Slingshots. After discovering that the kittens might be hypoallergenic, the cats' owners decided to split the kitten take fifty-fifty and make a little profit off of this otherwise horrifying incident.

Davan MacIntire wound up selling one of his kittens to Roz, who was looking for a way to get on Leslie's good side after crashing at her apartment for an extended period of time. Leslie quickly fell in love with her new pet, even once it became obvious that the Singularikitty could absorb and consume nearby objects through its flesh - particularly toys.

Roz later hijacked the cat in an effort to de-clutter Jacob's apartment.

Name courtesy of Robin.