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Sly Sirs! was the direct predecessor to Roomies!, and ran for three years in the La Porte High School student paper, the Hi-Times. The strip starred high school versions of Danny, Joe, and Sal, as well as early incarnations of It's Walky! stalwarts Professor Doc and the Giant Mutant Frosted Honey Bun.

Due to the fact that the Hi-Times published on a monthly basis, only about 25 Sly Sirs! strips ever saw publication. David Willis later described it as a "a very sad, short strip."

Sly Sirs! is explicitly not part of the Walkyverse canon, though Willis produced a few Roomies! strips set during Joe and Danny's high school days under the banner of "Sly Sirs Redux".

A few of the original strips can be found on the (now-abandoned) Walkerton Tripod Site.

Trivia Edit

  • Named for the La Porte High School's sports team, the Slicers.
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