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Stacy O'Malley is the mother of Amber O'Malley in the Walkyverse and Dumbing of Age continuities.


Stacy O'Malley
Stacy sp.png
First Appearance: Shortpacked! 27 August 2007
Relatives: Amber O'Malley (daughter), Blaine O'Malley (ex-husband)

Stacy O'Malley spent twenty years trapped in a physically and verbally abusive marriage with Blaine O'Malley. By her own admission, she treated Amber as leniently as possible during this time, hoping this would balance out the worst of Blaine's behavior. Instead, Amber just became more withdrawn and socially inept.

When Blaine hospitalized his daughter after catching her in bed with a boyfriend, Stacy finally decided enough was enough, and had Amber moved to an apartment where she hoped she'd be safe from her father. It was there that Amber first met Ethan Siegal, who took her under his wing and eventually converted her into a full-on toy nerd.

After Blaine's ignominious arrest for financial fraud, assault, and more besides, Stacy finally made the difficult decision to divorce her husband. She subsequently lost a significant amount of weight and regained much of her lost confidence in the process.

Stacy eventually came back to visit Amber and meet her new boyfriend, Mike Warner. She initially disapproved of Mike, worried that Amber would end up in an abusive marriage of her own, but changed her tune after meeting Drunk Mike for the first time. An unnerved Mike subsequently engineered a sequence of events that ended with Stacy being seduced by a drunken Jacob, hoping it would eventually lead to Amber breaking up with him. During that same visit, Amber's mother also revealed that Faz was actually her half-brother.

Stacy returned to Shortpacked some time later to break the news of Blaine's death. She also used the opportunity to (ahem) "reconnect" with Jacob.


Dumbing of Age[]

Stacy O'Malley
Stacy doa.png
First Appearance: Dumbing of Age 1 August 2013
Relatives: Amber O'Malley (daughter), Blaine O'Malley (ex-husband)

Stacy's marriage to Blaine was no happier in the Dumbiverse, leading to their divorce sometime before the start of the series.

Stacy showed up on-campus to visit her daughter during the Freshmen Family Weekend arc, though she was quickly sidetracked by notorious bone doctor and fellow divorcee Richard Rosenthal.