A list of It's Walky! storylines in order of continuity.

Book 1: BeginningEdit

Year ZeroEdit

  • The Big Sleep On New Year's Day, an alien scheme incapacitates SEMME's agents.
  • Debriefing Walky, Joyce and Jason launch a counterattack on the alien base.
  • Kill Your Friends The SEMME team faces an alien army at the White House.
  • It's... Joyce and Walky turn the tables.
  • Nachitos Jason tries to make some adjustments to Walky's eating habits.
  • Puppy Joyce gets a dog.

Aliens Stole My Nachitos!Edit

Old NewsEdit

  • Wooing Joyce Walky struggles with his attraction to Joyce.
  • Minus One Squad 128 is left short-handed after Walky suddenly disappears.
  • It's Roomies! Walky meets the Roomies! gang when he goes in search of Joyce's past.
  • Hurricane Joyce Joyce snaps.
  • Reminder A mysterious new power announces itself.

Breaching BoundariesEdit

Book 2: The Martian EmpireEdit

Loose LipsEdit

The More Things Stay the SameEdit

  • Walky and Dina While Walky and Dina grow more intimate, SEMME begins rehabilitating Joyce.
  • Ish Walky! The team belatedly celebrates Walky's 21st birthday.
  • Trading Up Walky tries to patch things up with Dina.

Aliens Invade the Bermuda TriangleEdit

  • The Sensitive Scanner The Head Alien resorts to desperate measures to find the Martian Embassy.
  • Great Big Sea SEMME battles the Aliens for control of the Embassy.
  • Interchange Sal faces the Head Alien one-on-one.
  • Descent The Head Alien plays mind games with Walky.
  • Hope Joyce joins the fray.


Desperately Seeking SalEdit

Growing UpEdit


Book 3: The Power of CheeseEdit

Brave New WorldEdit

  • Catching Up Following Sal's arrest, SEMME's members do a little soul-searching.
  • Doing It Right Rooming assignments cause tensions at SEMME.
  • No Punch No punch!
  • Conviction After Sal is sentenced to five years in prison, Jason's life starts getting more complicated.

Pairing OffEdit

  • Dancing Around the Issue Walky busts a move.
  • Nostalgia Danny's visits to Sal cause trouble at home.
  • Open Mike Dina plots to make a new man of Mike.
  • Pure Joyce and Walky take their relationship to the next level. Sort of.
  • Escape Tonight, there's going to be a jailbreak.

Rise and FallEdit

The Alpha of the OmegaEdit

World Without HopeEdit

$100 TheatreEdit

  • It's Walky! $100 Theatre After SEMME is shut down for good, Jason pursues Monkey Master and the rest of the Martian forces.
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