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A list of Joyce and Walky! storylines in order of continuity. Unlike other Walkyverse comics, Joyce and Walky! was not separated into formal chapters until its 2019-present re-run.

The complete Joyce and Walky! is currently being re-run on itswalky.com.


  • Suddenly Sal - Sal moves into Joyce and Walky's apartment.
  • Pluto 9571 - Sal goes job hunting at the Mall.
  • [October 2005] - Sal starts work at an Aliens-themed restaurant.
  • [November 2005] - Joyce and Walky meet their neighbors.
  • [December 2005] - Walky retells the story of how he met Dorothy Keener.


  • [January 2006] - Walky continues his story, as he studies hard and joins the Honor Society.
  • [February 2006] - Walky finishes his story, and we get a look at the NoWalkyverse during the "Culmination" arc from It's Walky!
  • [March 2006] - Continuation of our look at the NoWalkyverse.
  • [April 2006] - Continuation of our look at the NoWalkyverse.
  • [May 2006] - Conclusion of our look at the NoWalkyverse, with revelations.
  • [June 2006] - Joyce and Walky try to get fit again.
  • [July 2006] - Billie and Danny get married.
  • [August 2006] - Billie and Danny get married, continued.
  • [September 2006] - Joyce tries to find a female friend for her wedding.
  • [October 2006] - Walky meets Becky, Joyce's new friend.
  • [November 2006] - Joe and Rachel turn Ultra Car environmentally friendly.
  • [December 2006] - Jason and the rest of his team face off against Monkey Master. Again.


  • [January 2007] - Jason talks about his feelings concerning Sal to Walky.
  • [February 2007] - Sal and Becky get to know each other.
  • [March 2007] - Joyce and Becky's friendship hits rocky ground.
  • [April 2007] - Head Alien II holds Monkey Master and Machete captive.
  • [May 2007] - A time-traveling/dimension-hopping rescue by the future kids goes horribly awry.
  • [June 2007] - Walky runs into his old flame, Dorothy Keener.
  • [July 2007] - Joyce frets over the possibility of Dorothy entering their lives. Elsewhere, Joe and Danny have lunch and discuss Danny's imminent fatherhood.
  • [August 2007] - Danny and Billie meet future D.J. Wilcox.
  • [September 2007] - Danny and Billie meet present D.J. Wilcox (their daughter is born).
  • [October 2007] - Sal discovers a horrible secret behind Pluto 9571.
  • [November 2007] - Walky re-introduces Dorothy and Billie to each-other.
  • [December 2007] - Everyone getting ready for Christmas and the New Year.


  • [January 2008] - The Beginnings of the Ends: Sal tries to have a mid-life crisis.
  • [February 2008] - TBOTE: Joyce and Walky decide to elope.
  • [March 2008] - TBOTE: Dorothy has a secret that may threaten Joyce and Walky's wedding plans.
  • [April 2008] - TBOTE: Joyce and Walky elope on their trainwreck elopement.
  • [May 2008] - TBOTE: With the real marriage postponed, Dorothy asks Walky about his future plans.
  • [June 2008] - Joyce and Walky start teaching jobs and preparations for the real wedding begin.
  • [July 2008] - At the urgings of a shadowy figure, Sal tries to win Jason back from his new girlfriend.
  • [August 2008] - Sal is missing.
  • [September 2008] - Joyce and Walky continue wedding plans while Dorothy takes extreme measures to stop them.
  • [October 2008] - Walky gets wedding-planning stress.
  • [November 2008] - Walky starts to take the disappearances of Sal and Dorothy seriously.
  • [December 2008] - Joyce, Walky, and Jason make moves to ferret out Head Alien II.


  • [January 2009] - Jason, Joyce, and Walky invade Head Alien II's hideout.
  • [February 2009] - Jason, Joyce, and Walky fight brainwashed future kids.
  • [March 2009] - Machete appears to even the odds in the battle against Head Alien II and his minions.
  • [April 2009] - Head Alien II turns the tables with his godlike powers.
  • [May 2009] - Sal returns and turns the tables again.
  • [June 2009] - The gang recuperates after a difficult battle.
  • [August 2009] - Dorothy returns on the morning of Joyce and Walky's wedding to stop it.
  • [September 2009] - Joyce, Becky, and Sal begin the frantic search for the missing groom. Dorothy strands Walky in the middle of nowhere and takes sexy measures to ensure he doesn't make it to his wedding.
  • [October 2009] - Jason, Robin, Mike, Ultra Car, Amber, and Leslie all join the search for Walky.
  • [December 2009] - Dorothy's stalling tactics get desperate and she begins to lose control, but someone else appears to be in control of her mind anyway.


  • [January 2010] - Dorothy vs. Walky in an all-out brawl!
  • [March 2010]
  • [The End] - Joyce and Walky get married. (Updated at various points through to May 2015)