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Sydney Yus
First Appearance: Shortpacked! 6 January 2006
Affiliations: Shortpacked!, Axis of Something, US House of Representatives

Sydney Yus is an aspiring supervillain and the closest thing Shortpacked! has to a recurring antagonist. Notable for her maniacal laugh, which has been carefully honed over many years of practice.


Sydney was a seasonal employee at the Shortpacked store, but was let go for not selling enough Consumer Protection Rackets. Incensed, she immediately swore bloody revenge.

When Ethan Siegal briefly overthrew Galasso in an employee-led coup d'etat, Sydney got the opening she had been waiting for. After not-so-covertly infiltrating the store to gather information, she assembled a cabal of various villains (and Faz) to assault Shortpacked! head-on. Her ultimate plan was to leave a lead box disguised as a Tickle Me Elmo in the store, then call the police to inform them of the health and safety hazard. This somewhat less than sinister plot was foiled by Spider-Car, and Sydney was arrested and fined after her lead box beaned Evan, hospitalizing him.

Sydney later set her sights on Robin DeSanto, running against Robin in the 8th Congressional District. She tried to actively force Robin out of the race by kidnapping Leslie and reassembling the Axis of Something (complete with new member Sarah Palin) to do battle with her. After that failed, Sydney wound up resorting to more traditional measures: hyperbolic attack ads.

Against all odds, Sydney's plan worked, and Robin lost her seat. (Naturally, Sydney showed up to gloat within minutes of the results being called.) When she finally assumed office several months later, her first act as Congresswoman was to draft a bill that would shut down Shortpacked! forever. Unfortunately, as a federal representative, state-level matters are outside her jurisdiction. Curses!

Most recently, Sydney was re-hired by Galasso as a full-time Shortpacked! employee to replace Jacob. Galasso reasoned that Sydney would be the Starscream to his Megatron: a defiant minion whose ongoing treachery would help keep him on his toes. 


  • Despite being fired from the store back in 2006, Sydney has continued to wear her Shortpacked! uniform in every subsequent appearance. Now that's obsession.
  • Her name may be a play on the word "insidious".
  • According to David Willis, she may exist in Dumbing of Age as a "teacher or RA somewhere."
  • On 11/24/2016, Sydney turned up in Dumbing of Age as a waitress/bus-person at Galasso's Pizza and Subs.