Travis Amir
First Appearance: It's Walky! 7 September 2003
Squadron(s): Squadron 82

Travis Amir is a minor character in the Walkyverse. During the events of It's Walky!, he served as a member of Squadron 82, alongside Agatha, Robin DeSanto, Rachel Moore, and Andy O'Brien.


In 2003, all members of Squad 82 save Agatha were seriously injured in action during an unspecified mission, putting them out of commission for a week. Travis eventually recovered and was present when Mike Warner was first introduced to the rest of the squad.

During the JFO's attack on SEMME HQ, Travis was briefly seen among the SEMME agents menaced by Penny Worthington and the brainwashed members of Squadron 135. He survived the ensuing battle, as well as the final conflict with the Martians.

Following the dissolution of SEMME, Travis was assigned to Jason Chesterfield's team alongside fellow SEMME vet Marcie and new recruit Machete. Among other things, the four of them tracked down and battled Monkey Master and his creation, Electric Man.

Some years later, Travis was dispatched to Head Alien II's secret base in the ruins of the SEMME Complex. The mission went awry after Head Alien II unleashed his army of brainwashed alternate-universe children on Travis and his team, and Travis only narrowly escaped death.


  • Apparently, he was one of the few sane agents.
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