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The USS Destiny launches.

The USS Destiny was an exploratory starship featured in It's Walky! The Destiny had a crew of over 200 and was powered by Martian technology, giving it a top speed of about 10.5 million MPH.


Designed by Joe Rosenthal, the Destiny was built by SEMME in exchange for amnesty from the US government. Just three months after the project was openly announced, the ship launched to great media fanfare. However, as it reached the edge of the Solar System, it was intercepted by the Martian Mothership. Furious Martians seized the Destiny and converted the entirety of the crew into Astronaut Zombies - with the exception of the ship's janitor, Phil.

It can be assumed that the USS Destiny was destroyed with the Mothership.


  • Based on the space shuttle Destiny featured in the pre-Walkyverse Ultra Car comics.