Title screen.

Ultra Car: Obsticon Onslaught is a computer game created by David Willis. This side-scrolling shooter is based on the pre-Walkyverse version of Ultra Car, and takes its plot from the first Ultra Car comic book.


The space shuttle Destiny has been pulled into a black hole, where its crew are converted into evil zombies known as the Obsticons. Using the wreckage of the shuttle, they create a fleet of attack craft with which to menace the Earth. Now Ultra Car is humanity's last and only line of defense against the alien hordes and their leader, Monkey Master.


It is a side-scrolling shooter. The levels auto-scroll, until the the boss fights which are a fixed screen. You use the arrow keys to move on the screen, but you cannot affect the scrolling, and you use spacebar to shoot.

You start the game with three lives. There is a collectible life on the first, third, and fourth levels. You also gain lives at 10000 Points, 15000 Points, 20000 Points, and every 10000 points after that up to 60000, but only if you land on the exact point value. If you jump past it, you do not get the life. If you die while at one of those point values, you will get another life after respawning. Lives are shown as icons, rather than a number, organized into rows of ten. 200 lives is the max you can see onscreen, but it is possible to gain more past that.


The game has five levels:

  • Level 1 has you flying over the ocean.
  • Level 2 has you traveling underwater in the ocean.
  • Level 3 has you flying through space.
  • Level 4 has you flying through space again, but further out after using a wormhole.
  • Level 5 has you battling Monkey Master.


  • Due to the age of the source material, the appearances of Joe, Danny, and Howard Mike seen in the game's intro are somewhat different than their Walkyverse counterparts. UC himself is the ridiculous multi-colored version originally designed by Willis in 1987.
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