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The faces of the Walkyverse.

The Walkyverse is the main continuity presented in David Willis' webcomics Roomies!, It's Walky!, Joyce and Walky!, It's Pregnancy!, and Shortpacked!. With the end of Shortpacked! on January 17th, 2015, the Walkyverse is now officially "over."

Thanks to various crossovers and cameos over the long life of the continuity, the Walkyverse can also be said to contain many other webcomics as well, including Diesel Sweeties, Fans!, Girls With Slingshots, Melonpool, Multiplex, Penny & Aggie, Questionable Content, Scary Go Round and Something*Positive.

Alternate UniversesEdit

Over the course of the main Walkyverse, the cast becomes aware of the existence of alternate universes where certain key events were changed, creating a separate reality. These include:

  • The Dargonverse, the originating universe for the JFO and Dargon Chesterfield. Little is known about it, except it is more advanced than the Walkyverse, likely due to the increased Martian presence. The Dargonverse died a slow heat death after Dargon refused to surrender the Power Booster Rod to The Cheese.
  • A universe where Dorothy Keener and David Walkerton dated and ultimately married, also called the NoWalkyVerse.
  • A universe where Danny Wilcox married Sal Walkerton and Sal later died in a plane crash. Dina and Joe founded a technology company together in this reality.
  • A universe where the Head Alien killed Robin DeSanto, preventing her from pulling the Drama Tag in the Shortpacked! stockroom, AKA the Water-Color-Drama-Tag-Intact Universe.
  • The Fans! Universe.

Connections with the DumbiverseEdit


Joyce alludes to the Dumbiverse at the end of Joyce and Walky!

Though it shares its characters with previous David Willis webcomics, Dumbing of Age takes place is its own separate continuity, as opposed to merely being an alternate universe connected to the main Walkyverse.

The key difference between the Walkyverse and the Dumbiverse is the fact that the Dumbiverse does not contain any fantastical elements like aliens or interdimensional travel; old antagonists like Head Alien and Monkey Master only appear as cartoon characters.

Character DifferencesEdit

The Dumbiverse cast is mostly psycologically identical to its Walkyverse counterpart, meaning sexual orientations remain consistent across both universes. However, some cast members have had their ages adjusted slightly to accommodate the shared college setting.

Backstories are largely identical too, with a few notable exceptions:

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