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A timeline of events in the Walkyverse. As the Walkyverse comics take place in semi-real time, years are based on when the corresponding strip was published. Still a work in progress.

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Plot and/or ending details follow.


  • A Martian spacecraft crashes at Roswell, New Mexico and is retrieved by the US government.






  • Sal, Walky, and Beef are recruited by SEMME.


  • Ruth and Billie begin dating.
  • Ruth dies saving Danny from a truck.
  • Danny and Billie begin dating.
  • SEMME recovers the Power Booster Rod.


  • On New Year's Day, Head Alien escapes from containment in the SEMME Complex. He uses mind control to turn SEMME's Abductees into his personal army and attacks Washington.
  • After being defeated in Washington, Head Alien engineers a large-scale Nachitos shortage.
  • Alex is recruited by SEMME after infiltrating their network.



  • Head Alien is resurrected inside the Martian Embassy. Once revived, he seizes control of the Embassy's resources to attack the SEMME Complex.
  • After temporarily teaming up with Head Alien during his attack on the Complex and nearly annihilating humanity with the Power Booster Rod, Sal is sentenced to five years in prison.


  • The JFO launches an attack on SEMME HQ. Dina is killed protecting the building's computer database.
  • Mike is reassigned to Squadron 82.
  • Robin DeSanto joins Squadron 128.
  • Head Alien creates a dimensional anomaly in Canada, leading to an outbreak of gender-swapping.


  • The USS Destiny launches, and is intercepted by the Martian Mothership.
  • Bart O'Ryan leaks damaging information about SEMME's activities, leading the US government to shut the agency down entirely.
  • The JFO raids the SEMME Complex again, killing several SEMME agents. Penny is killed in the ensuing battle.
  • Joe creates Ultra Car from Danny's old SUV.
  • The Martian Empire invades Earth. Head Alien is killed in the ensuing battle, along with numerous ex-SEMME agents. The Martian Mothership is destroyed.
  • Rosenthal Robotics is founded.


  • Head Alien II arrives in the Walkyverse.
  • Jason is put in charge of a new team of ex-SEMME agents.
  • Bobby Walkerton is captured by Head Alien II.
  • Robin joins the Shortpacked! team.
  • Faz joins the Shortpacked! team.


  • Robin pulls the Drama Tag.
  • Ultra Car is upgraded to a hybrid chassis.
  • Robin becomes a member of Congress in an emergency election following the death of Nancy Pelosi.
  • Billie and Danny are married.


  • The Future Kids attempt to rescue Bobby Walkerton from Head Alien II's secret lair.
  • Billie gives birth to D.J. Wilcox.
  • Jason and Marcie begin dating.


  • Sydney Yus forms the Axis of Something.
  • The Shortpacked! team revolts and imprisons Galasso in the store's stockroom after he announces his plans to lay off the entire Shortpacked! workforce.


  • Head Alien II is finally defeated.
  • Galasso frees himself from imprisonment. The Shortpacked! store is extensively damaged in the resulting battle, and shut down. The entire team is laid off.
  • Amber and Mike begin dating.
  • Giant Mutant Frosted Honey Bun attacks Times Square, but is destroyed by Mike and Amber.
  • The Shortpacked! store reopens.
  • Jacob joins the Shortpacked! team.


  • Ken joins the Shortpacked! team.
  • Robin temporarily achieves world peace (and shoots a sex tape) after a Cadbury cereal bender. Robin and Leslie break up as a result.
  • Robin loses her congressional seat to Sydney Yus.
  • Joyce and Walky are married.


  • Amber is promoted to Assistant Manager.
  • Malaya joins the Shortpacked! team.


  • Amber gives birth to Donna Mae Warner.
  • Mike and Amber are married.
  • Joe invests in the Shortpacked! store.
  • Amber and Mike are reassigned to the new Denver-based branch of Shortpacked!.
  • Lucy joins the Shortpacked! team.
  • Ethan and Manny begin dating.


  • Leslie and Ultra Car rescue Rachel from an alternate dimension, and help defeat a version of Head Alien II.
  • Ultra Car transitions into a fembot body.
  • Ethan quits his job at Shortpacked!.